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Residential and commercial landscaping services in Galesburg IL and the surrounding area. Whether you need a small back or front yard job, lawn care, mowing and maintenance or other landscape related services, we’re dedicated to providing excellent customer experience and satisfaction. Our insect control program will make sure your property is safe and pest/insect-free.

Green Galesburg Landscaping Provides Landscaping Work and Services in Galesburg Il 61401 and surrounding area

Let’s dive deeper into what each service offers so you best know what type of assistance you require.

Landscaping is a broad term encompassing a wide range of services.

Full landscaping services can including things like lawn fertilization, lawn mowing, weed and pest control as well as leaf cleaning. Lawn maintenance is not as easy as it looks in the movies.

Our local service pros in will provide you with professional landscaping service in Galesburg IL which includes additional things such as terrain or land form reshaping, front and back yard work as well as complete landscape design and construction of your project.

Landscape Design & Master Planning

Landscape design uses both the landscape planning of your property and the exact design garden design elements and plants within it. It includes not only aesthetic components but also environmental sustainability which are most commonly put into two major categories of design – hardscape and softscape. Professional landscape designers in Galesburg IL will take into account the architecture and even the civil engineering aspects of your project whenever they present you with a particular landscaping design.

Every great landscaping project begins with a plan! The first step of that plan is the evaluation of the property, then the professional landscape services will work with you through each step of the design process until you agree upon all the exterior landscaping aspects which fit best with the architecture of your home or commercial estate in Galesburg Illinois or the surrounding area. Balancing beauty, function and value is the ideal goal.

Landscape Construction

The second major step in the plan is to begin the landscaping construction. Our experienced landscaping contractors and designers in Galesburg IL will be able to help regardless of the scale of the project. Our landscapers in Galesburg Il will work with you to plan and deliver the results you want for your residential and commercial landscaping business projects.

Landscape Maintenance

As one of the landscaping companies in Galesburg IL we offer comprehensive selection services in order to ensure that everything is properly taken care of in order to maintain a perfectly green, pleasing and healthy look. Landscape contractors will determine what type of services or combination of procedures are required for your lawn, garden or yard to be perfectly maintained throughout the year. In addition to that, our landscapers can help you plan your landscape in a way that it will look great from season to season, helping your business or home stay impervious to the elements.

The landscape services which our landscape contractors offer will help upgrade your property and your enjoyment in spending time in it as well as raising its market value.

Lawn Mowing

The overall look of every property begins with a safe and well-maintained lawn.

Proper lawn mowing and lawn care can improve the overall beauty and increase the protection of the lawn.


Correct mulching methods can be very necessary for the care of shrubs and flower beds. Very little mulch eliminates the weed management advantages that the mulch tends to offer. Too much mulch, on the other hand, provides an atmosphere for fungal and non-beneficial insect growth.

It is vital to remove excess mulch when appropriate. The mulch content of the bed does not exceed 3 inches.


You should be aware that not all lawns are equal, therefore one lawn fertilization program and weed/pest control that works for someone else in Galesburg Il may not work for your lawn. Ask the lawn care and landscaping service providers how they plan to tackle your case. Best practices for lawn care and fertilization are that the professionals tailor their services not only for each client but for the local climate and any particular conditions you may experience in your area.

Leaf Removal

Leaf removal is another part of the overall landscaping service. Keeping your back and front yard, your lawn and your entire property clean can be time-consuming, which is why it is often best to relegate this task to your local landscaper in Galesburg. They will remove any fallen leaves in your lawn, beds, sidewalks, pathways etc. If you have leaves that have begun decomposition, or you’re generally unsure of the state of your lawn, you should call for a consultation.

Water Irrigation

Lawn Irrigation Installation

Installing water irrigation systems in your lawn and green areas, in general, is vital for keeping a healthy and green lawn. We will design and install a water sprinkler system that is best suited for your lawn and we also offer continuous irrigation maintenance which includes sprinkler blowouts as well.

Repairing Irrigation Systems

One of the most important elements of preserving a sustainable environment is water. Before plants start to deteriorate, a team of repair technicians must rapidly identify and resolve any problems. You can trust the specialists to get the work completed efficiently and properly, from a minor leaked head to a massive mainline break.

Upgrades to Irrigation Systems

Local experts will assist if you want to switch from spray to drip irrigation, introduce a zone for another area, make the move to “Smart” irrigation, or some other changes in irrigation!

Building Sustainable Landscapes

The team of water irrigation experts will help you with attaining the landscape you want and build it sustainably in a way that you are comfortable with. By combining many aspects from different fields like new and smart irrigation technology, specialized plants and sprinkler heads which are pressure regulated among other techniques for landscaping, you will have the vibrant and beautiful environment you desire.

As spectacular as it can be, the traditional residential ecosystem can not have the same opportunities for trees and shrubs as the natural forest. When it comes to caring for your outside home climate, daily tree service maintenance and shrub care are just as critical as lawn care.

Trees and shrubs will bring a lot of vitality and charm to the landscape. Growing larger plants together with smaller ones, trees, and a lovely lawn brings variety to the garden.

It’s not as simple, however, as merely planting a tree or shrub. If you don’t take care of these plants properly, they will grow wild, sloppy and unhealthful, taking away the charm of your garden. Landscaping services in Galesburg will ensure that your plants are both well pruned and protected and that they follow the requirements of the rest of your landscape.

Tree Removal/Tree Trimming

Hazardous Tree Removal on location in Galesburg IL and the surrounding region.

Removing a tree is not a decision one should make lightly. It should be justified. Not to mention some trees you may require permission to cut. Trees are vital for our environment, they are not just an aesthetics choice. However, there are times when they can pose real danger to property and life. In cases like that, after a careful risk assessment, professionals who work in tree service should be contacted to initiate the tree removal.

Tree removal is not a simple process, especially when the tree is located in a hazardous area, like next to a building or close to a utility line.

If you want to take proactive measures or need to get rid of an infestation, contact Galesburg insect and pest control experts for professional protection and maintenance. If you’re worried about Lyme and other insect-borne illnesses, they should also offer tick and flea services for lawns.

Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes are among the deadliest animals on the planet. Who would have thought? But according to the WHO, over 1 million people each year die due to diseases caused by mosquito bites. They are known to carry and transmit diseases like Yellow Fever, Heartworm, Zika Virus, West Nile among many others.

Mosquitos can quickly cause huge problems in your yard. They can multiply rapidly during the summers, with female mosquitos laying eggs up to five times. Winter is not “safe” either as some species lay eggs so that the cycle continues the following summer.

Many lawn care experts in Galesburg will offer homeowners specialized services that will control, prevent or eliminate mosquito populations in your yards and lawns. Don’t wait for them to become a huge problem, act preemptively.

Mole Control

The presence of moles in your yard will be noticeable quickly. Little holes and mounds of earth in your yard are the first signs that they’ve made home on your property. If you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s best to avoid home-remedies and call a professional who provide services that include mole eradication. Most commonly they use specially medicated worms which then are eaten by the moles.

Commercial and residential snow removal can become quite the necessity in Galesburg, IL, even though on average we get a few inches less snow than the rest of the country. If a snowstorm happens it can be detrimental for the economy as well as essential services. For businesses snow and frost can pose liability issues as well.

For those and other reasons, it is important to maintain the location area surrounding your home or business property clear of snow and frost. Often this means hiring a professional landscaping business that also offers snow removal services.

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